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go out and hire in an atmosphere now. it's like mr. obama is fwonet discourage that and we need predictability and he wants to damage it. >> butday, you know what, there they're talking object let me take an untraditional role and be the voice of reason here. >> i knew when i saw your haircut. >> i take issue with that. >> americans hate bad news. we want bigger -- we have bigger problems and we have to pay for these problems and taxs are going to go up. this is not a normal recession. this is unlike anything we've known in our life times. eight months ago on the show we were going to talk about the it's how -- tpts mindset. >> that's is a great point. >> it's the mindset that the government knows better. i can spend your money better than you can. >> well gary k. also the issue is maybe they're redistribute no >> oh, they are very good at that. just look stat health care bill, iten doesn't go into play three or four years but if we don't pass that right now the world is going to end. dagen made a great point when you suck out capital from private industry and put it into washi
house reaction is more of the same. >> the u.s. government in both the bush and the obama administration has been saying for over 7 years now that the clock is ticking, and time is running out, and the clock keeps ticking and iran keeps making progress. >> the iaea is demanding iran stop enriching uranium and shut down the qom enrichment facility it kept secret for 2 years but the iranian representative in vienna says this demand carries no more weight than the u.n. security resolutions that came before. >> it will not stop iran and the iranian people, a great nation of iran, and deprive them from technology. >> in spite of iran's continued defiance, the u.s. says pressure and censure is not the only approach it will take. >> we also remain willing to engage iran to work toward a diplomatic solution to the nuclear dilemma it has created for itself. if only iran would choose such a course. >> the groundwork for today's resolution was laid when outgoing agency chief ba. di who had long giving iran the benefit of the doubt, suddenly seemed to reach the end of his patience. >> we have insist
her vote for barack obama. >> i was able to vote this year. 1901. what year is it? >> 2008. >> 2008 and i'm still here. thank you jesus. >> funeral services were held today. she died last weekend. when voting for obama, she remembered when there was a poll tax make k it difficult for blacks to vote. she was invited to an inaugural ball. >>> a man from west virginia trapped between a car and a building. also, star power. the obama's spent the afternoon at a local basketball game. we'll tell you why. tis the season for holiday tree shopping. veronica, what do you have? >> we are easily, easily going to top that. the warmest temperatures, the mildest day that we have seen in more than a week. >> coming up in sports, redskins running back is gidy about starting in philadelphia. the maryland seniors play their final game. gorge washington opened the season with five str >> the wrong time to miss. >> plenty of turkeys here. >> fun in the locker room. >> on the next redskins showtime. >> tonight at >>> finding the perfect christmas tree. it's a holiday tradition for many families. a county
president obama's first state dinner. >> before today it was unknown how close they actually got to the president. take a look at this. this is an official white house picture of her shaking hands with obama. and her husband standing next to them. all of this, as the white house still tries to figure out how they got so far past secret service check points. >> mr. and mrs. salage. >> before the two crashed the president's first white house state dinner tuesday, the reality rawannabes visited a salon. >> i asked her where is your invitation, do you have it with you? can i see it? >> excited to show me. and going in her purse, to get it. >> but salahe never produced a invite. white house said because they did not have one. the obama administration asked the secret service for a full review to figure out how the couple got inside. >> if questions were asked and people lied, especially in writing. there could be all kind of issues with lying to federal agents. >> the couple's lawyer said the two cleared by the white house to be there. secret service spokesman said they are not ruling
most emphatically include 2008. running against john mccain, barack obama captured 78 percent of the jewish vote, which was come and get a load of these numbers, which was 25 points higher than the 53% he scored with electorate as a whole, 35 points higher than the pro-obama whitecoat in general, even if 11 points higher than his hispanic vote, broken down the religion, the jewish vote for obama was 33 points higher than the protestant vote for him, and 24 points higher than the catholic vote he got. only with blacks who gave him 95 percent of their votes did obama do better than he did with the jews. and so it continues to go with the liberal agenda. on the old economic and political issues like government spending, benefits for the poor and organized labor, as well as on the newer issues that form the battlefield of the culture war, abortion, gay marriage, school prayer, assisted suicide, gun control and so on, the polls consistently showed huge gaps in support, huge gaps between jews and all other americans, including conservative americans. which brings me finally -- excus
, in that era of obama, what is the role of the black intellectual? >> the role of any intellectual, and a color, any solution, -- any civilization, it is the same. tell the truth with humility, be willing to bear the cost, and bear witness tjustice. for me, beginning with the orphan, the widow, the poor, the marginized working people, gay brothers, lesbians, elderly, across the board. if i had lived in the age of lincoln, i would have been right there with frederick douglass. tavis: the difference this time is black intellectuals have a black president have to critique. in that regard, what is the role? >> you still have to tell the truth. when obama is right. when he is wrong, you criticize him, out of love. in the end, it is not about barack obama. is about the pressures and priceless working people, poor people, the less citizens who deserve a life of decency and dignity. if we have a president now who is the head of the american empire, we have to make sure there is democratic activity, procedures, rule of law in place, and it all to tilt towards those who have been marginalized, especially
. >>> president obama vows to finish the job in afghanistan. he'll reveal his new strategy to the nation at westpoint as the pentagon plans to send thousands of re-enforcements to the war zone. can the troops make a difference? >> the president will attend a climate change summit in denmark. can they reach an agreement to reduce green house gases. >>> and the president hosted his first state dinner this week. entertainer jennifer hudson sang for the guests after singing for us. my interview with the oscar and grammy-winner. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm suzanne malveaux, and you're in "the situation room." >>> president obama is about to reveal a new strategy for the war in afghanistan. he'll travel to the u.s. military academy at west point on tuesday where he's going to brief the nation on his plans to send more troops to the war zone. this week, he signaled that determination. >> after eight years, some of those years in which we did not have, i think, either the resources or the strategy to get the job done, it is my
president obama announces his decision on the way forward in afghanistan on tuesday night, will it be too little too late? joining me to discuss that question from the american university, former pakistani ambassador to the u.s., dr. ahmed and from the military side one of our military analysts major general bob scales. good to have you here today to talk about this. >> hi, brian. >> brian: let's talk about it, first of all, from a sort of a diplomatic standpoint. the president is going to apparently ramp up to some degree military forces inside afghanistan. now, your thoughts about that and how will he be received in the region? >> brian, my feeling is that the number of troops is not going to change the outcome of the war. it will make a difference, but not change it. what will change the outcome will be a strategy. president obama really needs to give a clear-cut strategy which ensures the long-term people's relationship which guards interest of america, relationship with afghanistan and pakistan and that's a difficult order because right now you have unpopular, leaders. >> theoretica
the couple even met president obama. here you see the picture of them meeting him in the receiving line and managed to snap a picture with vice president joe biden. michaele and tareq salahi did not have an invitation, not on the guest list but somehow made it past the elaborate security checkpoints. the couple is angling for a spot on "the real housewives of d.c." dan lothian reports on how the white house is explaining this incredible security mishap. dan? >> reporter: the white house now admits president obama met the uninvited guests in the receiving line and parentally not the first time. this undated cvideo shows mr. obama and the black-eyed peas. another scandal the u.s. secret service is taking full responsible for. in a statement director mark sullivan says "they should have been prohibited from entering the event entirely. that failing is ours." he adds that the agency is "deeply concerned and embarrassed." earlier in the day, secret service agents paid a visit to the owe say sis winery in virginia, the couple's mailing addre address. the manager confirms two agents indicated
on the nob with different celebrities. that is the second time she was photographed with president obama. >> i couldn't believe that. >> and what happens with people like this. when you meet solve promoters. there is a dark underbelly in their story. they have all sorts of civil suits and creditors after them. >> they filed if chapter 7 . the husband. tarey is in a family over the families winery. i was surprised by what the friends had said. they thought they really were on the guest list. there must be a psychology behind believing you that you are that popular. 1800 gueststs at l wedding. >> no one could see the invitation . president is opening up a full review of this incident. you heard what happened. they drove up in their car. the car was denied and they got out of the car and walk to a separate enthance. i am not sure you robbery to the white house is impossible even when you are supposed to be there. >> they check you out from every aspect of your life and . to get in. yet these people not on the guest list and though background check, it is amazing. >> who has lived in dc and
dinner, meeting president obama in the receiving line and then bragging about it unifaces book. as a way to secure a role in bravo's reality show real house wives. >> each of the cast members is competing with the other cast members to make it to the final cut. so you come up with ever more outrageous schemes. >> the secret service a outraged and says its probe in to the apparent security breach is close to a criminal investigation. the salahi's are no strangers to courtrooms their oasis winery is in bankruptcy proceedings and their yacht has been repossessed. >> irwin gomez owns the is a listen where she was preparing for her white house appearance. >> i do a lot of high profile in washington, and even they didn't get invited. >> i asked can i see it? what does it look like and she started to look through her bag and conveniently it just wasn't on her. >> reporter: in washington, armando trull for 9 news now and >>> the secret service has admitted full responsibility for the embarrassing security breach. especially because the uninvited couple was able to get so close to the
party crashers get to president obama? take a look right here. >>> and the police pay a call on tiger woods. the latest on the middle of the night mystery that has everybody talking. >>> and celebrating at the cinema, from ninja assassins to a cartoon fox. what's on the big screen this holiday season? you're in the cnn "newsroom" where the news unfolds live this saturday, november 28th. i'm fredricka whitfield. hello again. >>> russia says it's dealing with an act of terrorism. a second bomb detonated at the site of friday's deli train derailment. authorities say the initial wreck was caused by a homemade bomb that exploded asle train traveled from moscow to st. petersburg. dozens he were killed and hundreds injured. no one was hurt in the second blast. it's a train popular with government officials, tourists, and business executives. >>> we're learning more about the cup whouple who crashed thee house state dinner. they actually got to meet president obama face to face. cnn's kate bolduan it is he white house. what is the white house saying about this face-to-face meeting? >> reporte
. there is some evidence to suggest but that is happening. then of course there's the obama ground war. the reasonable guess is that the obama team had four times as many ground troops as did john kerry and al gore. this was especially true in swing states. for example, john kerry had 10 field offices in new mexico, for obama had 39. and the list of the obama net route campaign activities, which we're all starting to know, is impressive in that it laid out all that they have to do in the course of the campaign. they sent out about 7000 different e-mail messages and have a list of 13 million addresses and so forth and so on. supporters received no less than 20 texts. month during the campaign, and it all seem to work and pay off. according to circle, 64% of 18- 24 year-old and 43% of 18-29 year-old were first-time voters. that helped obama. the margin of victory for those under 34 obama was 68% to 32%. john mccain received a majority of votes from those over 35. few of us were surprised to hear meghan mccain suggest the republican party was on the principles of becoming irrelevant to yo
'm fredericka whitfield. you are in the cnn newsfield. president obama gets ready to send more troops to afghanistan. >>> a mysterious car crash that injured tiger woods. >>> black friday is over. get ready for cyber monday. the news room begins now. >>> as president obama gets ready to send more troops to afghanistan, there's talk of an exit strategy. britain will hold a conference two months from today. it's to replace international troops. >> i believe that we will be able to set a clear timetable for 2010 and beyond. within three months, our benchmark is that the afghan government should have identified additional troops to send for training. this is part of our idea we will build up the afghan army by 50,000 over the course of the next year. >> president barack obama is expected to deliver a major speech on afghanistan next week. he's expected to announce a big troop increase. the commitment in afghanistan is not open ended. we have live in kabul. the afghan's must be watching the developments closely. what are they saying? >> reporter: well, the afghan people, right now, don't k
this. >>> two suspected parry crashers got closer to president obama than originally thought. now the secret service is talking about how they got in. hey, there. thanks for having us over. i'm virginia cha, this is hln. we hope your weekend is going well. the number one golfer in the world is recovering from a car accident. patrol officers plan to interview tiger woods today. he was treated and released from the hospital after crashing his car in to a tree near his home early yesterday morning. here is what we know about this accident at this point. after the crash, his wife told police she used a golf club to break the back window of tiger's suv to pull him out. paramedics say when he got there he was in and out of consciousness had cuts to his lower and upper lip and had blood on his mouth. it was not alcohol-related. we talked to the police chief about this crash. >> reporter: why did his wife have to bash it in with the golf club? >> what i understand, she said the doors were locked so she could not gain entry. >> reporter: she had a golf club with her at the time? >> i don't
confirmed the couple not only got in but also met president obama in the receiving line. also today, in a statement, a secret service director mark sullivan says the agency is "deeply concerned and embarrassed" that the couple was able to get past security. he goes on to say, "although these people went through levels of screening, they should have been prohibited from entering the event entirely. that failing as ours." appropriate measures have been taken to ensure this is not repeated. there are still questions tonight about how this could have happened. >> it just keeps getting curiouser and curiouser. in this wonderland called washington, how did michaele and tareq salahi get into the state dinner at the white house? the white house says they were not on the guest list. the first lady brushoff a question about it. an attorney for the couple told us cryptically, "my clients were cleared by the white house to be there. more information is forthcoming." a hairstylist helped michaele get ready. >> i asked her if she had her invitation and if i could see it. she was excited to show m
institute >> nt tuesday, dember 1, president obama is expecteto reveal to the natn what he plans do on afghanistan cod afterwards, he will go to capitol hill in an fort to shore up support among democrats. his go, he says, is to stop al qaeda fr operating in afghanistan. >> it is in our strategic interest, natial-security interest, toake sure that al eda and its extremist allies cannooperate effectively in those areas. we are going to dismantl the greater pabilities and timately dismantle andestroy thr networks. >> at leastwo perful democrats are talking about war tato pay for the new rategy. >>here will be no moy for nothing if we put it l into afghanistan. >> i think the stated purpose of addin additionaincome tax to the upperrackets, more than 250,000. >> senator carl levin and congressman david ey. the number-cncher's tell us that the price g for soldis and marines and other military rsonnel in afghanistans about $1 million eh. who knows what a new health care structure will co? weighting two wars in some tennis agree -- multaneously. will the president go head-- he
. harry reid promised to be on c-span, full disclosure, this was about the obama administration, behind closed doors and the media hadn't followed up on that if the same way that if a republican made that promise and broke it. >> one exception one remarkable is david broder, 80, 8-0 years old and still working and calling them as he sees them and a minor war over harry reid, talking the language that they're talking about, hey, this thing is going to cost more than they reamlize. >> is this going to be covered when thanksgiving break is over and everybody comes back to washington? >> oh, yeah. >> yes, yes. >> yeah. >> certainly, certainly. >> and with the economy they better be. >> polls may show a drop in public support because people just want this thing over by now. they're tired of this story, right? >> and it is time for a break, but first, do you want to know what our panelists really think? during the break we keep the cameras rolling in the commercial. check out news watch. back in two minutes to talk about the terror trials coming to the media capital of the wor
see it as dithering. they thought president obama made waited too long to increase nato contributions. have these protracted deliberations had a negative impact, or was it necessary? >> it certainly wasn't a running start into the problem. what is really going to be more important than what has happened over the last 30 days or so using that as the deliberative period is what happens after the decision is made. then it's all about action. at that point, no weak knees, no vacillation because what the congress has to understand, this is the president's challenge. he has to make the congress understand, our enemies understand and afghan people understand that just like we did with iraq, we're not leaving until it's on terms that are favorable to us. once they all understand that, things are going to turn around. until they do, it's going to be a tough slog. >> gregg: if the objective is to clear areas with military force, followed by civilian and economic programs which appears to be the plan, isn't it also important to attack al-qaeda itself? >> you have to be doing that at the same tim
essentially what we're saying is an intelligence service. >> as we come back, president obama appears to announce his afghanistan decision. democrats say they won't support a troop increase without a big tax increase. yg;wwgkóçó37wcwówg'çówóçoo >> as president obama prepares to make an announcement on afghanistan next week, some democrats are saying they won't support a troop increase without an even bigger tax increase to go with it. there ain't going to be no money for nothing if we pour it all into afghanistan, house appropriation committee told abe recently. if they ask for increased troops in afghanistan i'm going to ask them to pay for it. obey and others are asking for an sur tax up to 5 percentage points on the highest income bracket. joining us wall street columnist dan ettinger, and mary o'grady and kim strassel. kim, i'm doing the math here briefly if i can. when president bush's tax rates expire in 2011 that will take the top income tax rate up to almost 40%. you add in the health care sur tax, 45% and now you add on the war sur tax and top income tax rate t
to its nuclear program? >> it's a major victory for the obama administration, and tehran must be nostalgic for the good old days of bush. in the old days it was very hard for the u.s. administration to rally not just the europeans but also russia and china, and now clearly obama's managed to persuade them to come along with stronger policy towards iran. >> was this a surprise? >> this type of vote, especially with china voting, that was a surprise to me. the russians already indicated that, although they didn't think about the sanctions would be a good idea, they would be willin÷ to go along because they saw no other choice. but the chinese vote clearly is part of some sort of deal that obama has made with the chinese when he made his trip to china. >> and if these nations go forward to impose tougher sanctions against iran, i think the question mark had been russia and china, does the way this censure vote went imply that russia and china will go along on the whole concept of tougher sanctions? >> clearly, yes. it's no good guarantee, but it's an indication that they will. a
dinner by the obama white house. perhaps he means that's evidence enough to know that they were so-called "cleared" into the white house. apparently, they were not invited. there's very little dispute about that. the secret service has interviewed this couple, the salahis, michaele and tareq, yesterday, we understand. they may or may not be making an appearance on television in terms of an interview program. what we do know is that they are under investigation and they face potentially serious charges, although it's unclear what, if anything, is going to happen in terms of those charges, criminal charges or not. at the very least, people are talking about lying to a police officer. they snuck into the white house, they got past the first secret service uniformed officer at the southeast gate. apparently, that officer thought that the next officer would check them. they did not. there you see the result, walking in the red carpet, as it were. this is called the booksellers area of the white house, down in the basement. making their glamorous entrance. this pair of socialites here, n
that president obama was not in any danger as this virginia couple, tariq and michale salahi, they had to go through several levels of security screenings like all the guests attending tuesday's state dinner, but in a statement released just friday, the director of the secret service, mark sullivan, he says that the agency is deeply concerned and embarrassed. the statement goes on to say they should have been prohibited from entering the event entirely. that failing, he says, is our ours. clearly the review of just what happened and how these supposedly uninvited guests got into the state dinner, that will continue. fran townsend, a former homeland security adviser to president bush, says she expects to see fallout. listen here. >> at best the uniformed division of the secret service who let them onto the property will be disciplined and at worst they could potentially be fired. i will tell you, it is a very serious security breach because, after all, bad people will watch this and watch how they do it and learn, and they may test the secret service in other circumstances if not at the white
obama, and we have pictures to show that in the receiving line with the indian prime minister singh. the secret service has insisted that the president was never danger because the salahis, as well as all of the guests, had to go through different levels of security. but the agency, the director of the secret service now says that the agency is deeply concerned and embarrassed. in a statement that was released friday, the director of the secret service, mark sullivan, he goes on to say -- so, clearly, not a good day for the u.s. secret service and the investigation continues, brianna. >> and do we know anything else about the investigation, kate? >> reporter: well, right now, we know that the secret service is not ruling out the possibility of criminal charges. we also -- the last we heard was that secret service investigators were trying to sit down and speak with the salahis. according to a statement that was released, put out from this couple's attorney, this attorney says the salahis, they say they didn't crash the event, brianna. they say also they look forward to setting the r
be back to quaresnoir -- coming up the queen of daytime. oprah winfrey helped kick start barak obama's run to the white house but is she about to trip up the president? and her media empire? plus remember john's bombshell announcement that he sold nearly all of his stocks? well today he tells you where he put his cash and how you can profit from his drastic move. quality and reliability... are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. rodney's kid too. so we're so proud to manufacture... the accu-chek® aviva meters and test strips... here in the u.s.a. plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips... when you use our meter, which means greater savings... for people with diabetes, like me. now that's a true american value. accu-chek® aviva. born in the u.s.a. >> final for what do i need to know for next week. john lay sneeled >> weak dollar, the low interest rates, dxd is a fund i invested in. it does twice the inverse of the dow and also got a lot of cash. >> trace >>i >> oprah winfrey will interview barak obama at the white house in hopes of giving him back his mojo? won'
-- i know we don't want to go there now, but analogies with the seminar that president obama is now holding more or less in public about afghanistan. here when the missile crisis came, kennedy, as ted says, pulled together a very small group in secret and for a week deliberates all the options, and everything is on the table. every issue is examined. every assumption is picked up and hooked over and thought over again. people feel comfortable to change their mientdzs quite dramatically, and for historian historians, as you know vividly because of your work, the fact that these deliberations were secretly taped, so most of the people don't know, but actually the tape was running and now we as historians can look and listen after theel fact and be a fly on the wall and hear these deliberations. i think the whole thing is quite remarkable, as kennedy, as president kennedy noted in the video that we saw. if the decision had to be made in 24 or 48 hours, i think it's quite likely a different decision would have been made, quite likely, and initially, the impulse was to attack, and the c
shows them meeting president obama. the white house says michaele and trek salahi shook hands with president obama in the receiving line of last tuesday's state dinner for the indian prime minister. the secret service is accepting blame for allowing the salahis into the event. they say the couple was not on a guest list and should not have been entering. bravo network says michaele salahi was filmed the day of the party for a possible reality tv show but bravo says it had no idea she and her husband weren't supposed to be at the party. >>> investigators in russia are blaming a home made bomb for a deadly train derailment and they say a second device partially exploded today during cleanup efforts. they've officially opened a terror investigation and say they're composing sketches of several suspects. at least 26 people were killed. 100 were injured when the express train went off the tracks between moscow and st. petersburg. at least three cars flipped onto their sides during last night's derailment. more than 680 people were on the train at the time. >> translator: i know my
, and president obama wants to have some answers as well as to how in the world this happened. you work at the white house and it's no small fete for you to get into the white house and you go there every day. >> i have a white house hard pass so i simply show my id to the secret service when i arrive at the white house every day. i enter a code into their computer and i go through a turnstile, that of course is after going through a magnatometer. i see officials at the west wing of the white house who need to be cleared. if you don't have an appointment, if you're not on a list, you have to wait outside the white house until they get confirmation that you are allowed to be in the white house. shaquille o'neal showed up at this appointment gate unannounced, uninvited and said he would like to see the president and he was turned away. even a person like shaquille o'neal did not make it past white house security, past the secret service. this couple from virginia obviously did, based upon all the pictures that we see on their facebook page and a lot of questions still need to be answered.
. >>> accused of crashing the ultimate party and met president obama. how a virginia couple and the secret service are both answering tough questions. >>> and a plane full of passengers overshoots the airport by 150 miles. we let you hear how the pilots scramble to explain themselves to air traffic control. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "news 4 today." saturday, november 28th, 2009. >>> first we'll take a look at the forecast with veronica johnson. good morning. >> i'm awake! >> chilly this morning. >> very chilly. but yesterday, i don't know, you probably already were in bed by that time. boy, was it weird. >> right before i got to bed. >> the winds got up to 47 miles per hour some locations. now, the wind settled down, as we take a look outside. temperature at 41 degrees in washington, d.c., 40 camp springs, 39 pax river and 41 in frederick. -3vxu feeling like 30s throughout the area. that's cold, certainly like winter. and there has been snow out west. i'll show you pictures in a few minutes. as high pressure moves in, we'll have nothing but sunshine. call it breezy and pretty
from across the aisle. this tuesday, president obama reveals his strategy for the war in afghanistan in a prime time address from the u.s. military academy in west point, new york, and paul steinhauser, cnn's very own deputy political director f has more. >> good morning, brianna. >> president obama was "diterring" from former vice president dick cheney. what are republicans saying leading up to the speech? >> doing two things, maybe less blunt than the former vice president but they have critical of the president over the length of period that he's taken to make a decision on whether to send more troops to afghanistan. the other thing that we've heard from republicans is support the generals, do what the generals say and we've heard this over and over the last couple of months from top congressional and republicans across the country if general mcchrystal, the u.s. commander in afghanistan wants 40,000 or more troops the president should listen to his generals. if barack obama sends less a substantially less amount than what mcchrystal was asking for, there could be pushback from re
obama says he will go to the meeting in copenhagen and they will talk about global climate change. does the news of these dr. e- mails or the mills that talk about -- or the e-mails that talk about this, will they will -- will that hamper his efforts? guest: he is saying he could do something in copenhagen that he cannot do. if he is going to commit the united states to a carbon emissions reduction of 80%, the senate has to pass that. it is debatable whether it will pass the senate. he cannot do that. it has to pass the senate. i bet there are a lot of people in the senate who are sitting on the fans who are mad as heck that he went out in public and said the u.s. will do this. that forces them to vote on something they don't want to vote on it puts them at loggerheads with the president on a critical international issue. i don't want to predict what will happen but it will be a very, very hot in washington. host: we are continuing our discussion on climate change with patrick michaels of the cato institute. he is a senior fellow they're dealing with environmental studies. greenbelt, ma
there will be trials within the obama administration. i hope the justice department -- sean: you want to go down that road? >> are you kidding? if we don't go down that road we will go down the road of invading another country in the future if we don't take care of the people that caused this horrible, horrible crime in our name. sean: we have to defeat them. that's the difference between you and me. >> who? sean: the people that plot, for example, the kowar towers, the first trade bombings, u.s. cole -- >> we didn't treat them like a nation we had to send an army after, we caught them and put them in prison. sean: we emboldened them and they did hijack the airplanes -- >> how many of them are there? what do you think? sean: i don't know. >> you're the united states of america, man! come on. sean: you want to gut our military? >> you're afraid of a few hundred guys on monkey bars? sean: millions. islamic fanatics. i believe there's millions of people that believe there are virgins in heaven if they commit a suicide bombing. >> all religions have their fanatics, wouldn't you agree with that? sean
there to washington now and the reality tv wannabes who snuck into the white house state dinner. the obama administration has now released this photo of the salahis cozying up to the president. the secret service says it's embarrassed over the incident. good morning to you, mike. let's figure out what we know about the salahis, first of all what makes them socialitesocial? >> about an hour west of washington in the foothills of virginia in the shenandoah valley, the blue ridge mountains. it's horse country, there's a whole social set out there, part of the washington social scene when they come back into town and apparently the salahis were members of that set or aspiring members of that set. they have run polo competitions and there's fighting back and forth over the inheritance of a winery. but here's the basic story. these folks who have got a camera crew following them around from bravo, which is an nbc property. are essentially reality show wannabes, they want to be on one of these real housewives shows. they show up on tuesday night, the first state dinner that the president has show
. >>> to a much more pressing topic for the president right now, afghanistan. president obama is set to reveal his long-awaited decision on a new war strategy tuesday night. he's expected to send an additional 34,000 u.s. troops primarily for greater security and training. retired dr e ed brigadier gener kimmetz says a more secure afghanistan won't happen overnight. >> i don't think we will need hundreds of thousands of troops there for a decade or more, but we will have to take the time to do this right to give the afghan national security forces the training and the capability and the experience for them to do this themselves. >> so on tuesday night, cnn is the place to watch president obama announcing his decision on u.s. troops heading to afghanistan. our special coverage with the best political team on television begins 7:00 eastern time. >>> a suspected act of terror destroyed russia's fastest train. new video of the scene shows emergency workers trying to get people out of the wreckage. investigators say elements of an explosive device were found at the scene. they found a crater under the
of the so-called white house party crashers and this one shows them meeting president obama. the white house says the salahis shook hands with president obama last week. the secret service is accepting blame for allowing them into the event. they say the couple was not on the guest list and should not have been entering. bravo network says salahi was filmed the day of the party for a possible reality television show, but bravo said it had no idea that she and her husband weren't supposed to be at the party. >>> investigators in russia are blaming a homemade bomb for a deadly train derailment. and they say a second device partially exploded today during clean-up efforts. they've officially opened a terror investigation and are composing sketches of several suspects. at least 26 people were killed, but 100 were injured when the train went off the tracks between moscow and st. petersburg. more than 680 people were on the train at the time. >> translator: i know my daughter's alive and well. she sent me a text message on my mobile phone. she said she managed to get out of the carriage and that w
president obama's state dinner did indeed meet the president, according to the white house. and there they are, shaking hands on the receiving line. secret service says they are not ruling out criminal charges against this couple, but the lawyer claims that they did have permission to be there. molly, the lawyer chose his words very carefully, didn't he? >> yes, it was somewhat cryptic. he did say that the couple were on the guest list, but the salahi's attorney said to fox that, but " my clients were cleared by the white house to be there, and more information is forthcoming." perhaps that means they were cleared at a checkpoint to go inside to my but the white house says that the couple was not among the invited guests to the party. director of the secret service mark sullivan says that the secret service is deeply concerned and embarrassed by what happened. he goes on to say that although these individuals went for screening, they should have been prohibited from attending the event entirely. that failing is ours. sullivan says appropriate measures have been taken to mak
with president obama. >> reporter: part of the mystery of how this happened is solved and how close the northern virginia couple got to president obama. tonight the secret service is looking into whether there should be criminal charges. this is the official white house photo showing tareq and michaele salahi in a receiving line shaking hands with president barack obama. the newest revelation in what's now a growing scandal. tuesday night the pair is accused of slipping into a white house state dinner uninvited despite the supposed high security. not only was the president there, but india's prime minister too. now the secret service wants to question the couple. one newspaper says two agents showed up at their oasis winery about 11:00 friday morning. a vineyard manager tolded agent the salahis weren't there. then she says the agents left this message for them. >> they said -- [ inaudible ] and that if they didn't -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: the revelation has left many asking how could the security breach happen. the agency charged with protecting the president says its own protocols violated
said the husband and wife didn't just mingle with guests, they actually met president obama on the receiving line. and the director of the secret service apologized for the security breach saying his agency is deeply concerned and embarrassed. bob orr is in washington tonight with the latest. bob? >> reporter: harry, the most notorious break-in since watergate has taken on a high-powered twist, with word the party crashers hawaii hi and tareq salahi came face to face with president obama at today's state dpiner. confirmation came late today from the white house who said the couple who attended the event without an invitation did meet the president at the receiving line. that means somewhere there's likely a white house photo of the unauthorized encounter but the picture has not been released. the secret service has taken full responsibility for the breach saying in a statement "that failing is ours." the secret service confirms it didn't verify the salahis were on the invitation list, saying they should have been prohibited from the event entirely. the salahi were waved thro
obama and the secret service today admitting it dropped the ball. we're "keeping them honest." >>> later, the priest had a secret, a son. you'll see what the church did to keep it hidden and why this young man's mother is still demanding answers. but first up tonight, the security breech now even more clear. michaele ander the rec salahi face-to-face with the president of the united states. india's prime minister in the background. it all happened tuesday night at president obama's first state dinner. the worst security breech in white house memory. also new tonight, a statement from the secret service taking full blame noting -- established protocols were not followed and that failing is hours. >> a couple of party crashers at the white house. publicity seekers seemingly harmless but they could have been anyone. in a moment, the man who has known mrs. salahi for 15 years and spent hours with her preparing for that state din on tuesday. but first, the very latest from tom foreman. >> reporter: the stunning image of the salahis meeting president obama after slipping into the white house s
. when we come back, president obama seems angry. >> in addition to john -- sorry, the -- i just noticed that i jumped the gun here. go ahead and move it up. bill: whoa, and, later, wait until you see hillary clinton's reaction to a question about her husband. right back. ⌟axozp7óú+l'?p bill: a ticked off town haller goes after senator arlen specter. roll it. >> you have awakened the sleeping giant. we are tired of this. this is why everybody in this room is so ticked off. i don't want this country turning into russia, turning into a socialized country. my question tore you is. [cheers and applause] what are you going to do to restore this country back to what our founders created according to the constitution? [cheers and applause] [inaudible] bill: ok. sincere? >> oh, sure. what is interesting is there was a blend of like happiness and doubt. and you will see that in the first probably 10 seconds. and what happened is she gets empowered by the group. bill: sure. the group is on her side. >> watch the eyebrows now. when she goes in the eyebrows arch up and mouth pulls across. bill:
the president, as did every guest that came to that state dinner tuesday night, the first ever of the obama administration, that photograph was with released late yesterday and the secret service put out a statement saying they are deeply concerned and embarrassed by this incident and that established protocols were not followed at an initial checkpoint. the story is that in the southeast quadrant of the white house complex a uniformed secret service agent allowed them to pass thinking that at the next check point their credentials would be checked, invitation checked. evidently it wasn't. entered into the white house, got pictures with the vice president, the white house chief of staff, katie couric and other notable individuals. so a lot of red-faced officials here over the last couple of days at the white house. apparently these folks were just publicity seekers. they're from neighboring northern virginia, aspiring socialits. the number of claims they've made about themselves have been debunked. the claims they made on facebook, facebook was the original way we learned they had gotten in
will provide a clear fond of how the tax payer funds were expended. and i feel that the obama administration understands that and indeed senator obama as a senator was responsible for passing legislation that created usa spending dak of which shows you where the taxpayer dollars go and you can check it out. there's also a new one for the stimulus package. because much of that as contracts, too we contract that. there's lots more work that needs to be done. and i think that the obama administration sees this clearly because one of the first things the president did march 4, 21 negative issued a presidential memorandum that called for a government-wide review of contract in. our practices across the agencies. there was an interim report in july and the final report is due any day now and that is what some of the hearings in the senate tomorrow are about. so we will hopefully be hearing more from the white house on how to move forward on this issue but i would just point out to you hear that some light always challenges the powers that be. so this will be a long struggle but i think that's wher
get past this heightened security in the world and get face to face with president obama? >>> the accident -- questions swirling about the car crash that injured tiger woods early friday morning. what happened. >>> and bargain bonanza. customers storm a store at this black friday weekend looking for deals, but how much are they actually buying? find out today, saturday, november 28th, 2009. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> and welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm jenna wolf. >> i'm carl quintanilla. lester and amy enjoying a rare weekend off. >> good thanksgiving? >> very nice. you? >> good, except i have a problem with people that two days after thanksgiving, i'm still stuffed. how much did you eat that you're still full from thanksgiving? >> not that much. no. >> that's been the theme around here. >> we have a lot to get to this morning. >> yeah, we are. >> the story about tiger woods and what happened to him in florida. police in florida say he was injured in a car accident and that his wife smashed in a rear window to help get him out. the
. thank you, sir. >>> new details about the couple accused of crashing president obama's first state dinner. >> yeah. turns out they got a lot closer to the president than we first thought. so close, how about a handshake? yes. this is one of the things people are talking about on facebook and twitter. we want to know what you think. should they be charged for getting into that party, for allegedly crashing that party? or did they not do anything wrong, really? just trying to have a good time? e-mail us, send us your comments to twitter, facebook, you know where to find us. ♪ [ male announcer ] every penny counts. so does every moment. make the most of both this holiday season with great gifts at great prices from l.l. bean. ♪ no matter how the market changes, your retirement savings need care and attention from year to year. open a t.rowe price smartchoice rollover ira, and let our professionals manage it for you. just choose the retirement fund closest to your expected retirement date. our fund managers will adjust the investment mi over time to become more conservative as your
the underpining of four successive administrations, 41, clinton, 43 and the obama administration. the only questionegis whether te obama administration will make it work with the kind of russia that walt described coming out in the process. finally, on the question of your point, i make this as anxd observation. i agree with what walt said about regime type making a big difference but i have observed having started inç the academy and come into government and spent 30 years that i notice thatç there is a body of literature that saysç more nuclearç weapons are better. after all, if we had this stablr bipolar balance in the cold war what is wrong with having more nuclear weapons? and i think steve rosen had an article in the mid 1970's the way to have a stable middle east balance is for everybody to have nuclear weapons in the middle east. interestingly, i have neverko m anybody as a practitioner in an interagencyzv meeting who belies that. maybe that -- >> [inaudible] >> maybe that goes to your point aboutç certain assumptions not being khaltd. but i think it has to do with the fa
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